7 Trending Techniques For Increasing Tiktok Views In 2023

Are you prepared to enter the TikTok platform, release your content, and gain more views? Get ready for a crazy ride into the realm of short-form videos, where doughnut cereal and adorable kitties rule supreme! With its astounding 1 billion monthly active users worldwide, TikTok has become the ideal playground for ambitious producers like you.

Being popular on TikTok and gaining more views isn’t simple or meant for everyone. One needs a wise plan, original video material, and a little luck to successfully manipulate the mysterious TikTok Trend Algorithm. Don’t worry; we’ll let you know 7 key tactics to help you steal the show. Get into the groove because stardom is waiting!

7 Effective Techniques To Increase Your Tiktok Views

Let’s get started with some tips for increasing TikTok views.

1. Engage with the Latest Songs and Sounds

On TikTok, there is a belief that claims that once you hear a song in a popular video, you will hear it nonstop until you become sick of it. According to the TikTok algorithm, it is pretty accurate when they propose new material based on the one you have engaged with. TikTok’s trending music is like a fast-moving river; you must jump in and take the chance while it’s still there.

There are a few ways to start with the perfect music. First off, the Discover page of TikTok is a veritable gold mine of trending content, including music and sound. To check the popular songs, go to the Discover page and scroll through the featured videos.

Second, follow the official TikTok music trends and challenges. TikTok frequently uses popular songs in its challenges or invites people to make content utilising particular tunes. Following these trends, you can remain up to speed with the newest popular music.

Third, TikTok influencers are renowned for creating trends and incorporating current music into their videos. Observe the music or good influencers in your business or niche and include them in their content by following them. This might help you learn about the newest trends and find new music.

2. Buying Extra Likes On Tiktok

If engaging in TikTok Challenges and finding trendy songs aren’t enough to help you develop significantly, it might be time to consider purchasing extra TikTok likes to give yourself a little push. There are various options for you to get paid for your likes, including TikTok Business Ads, which are the most innovative and effective option but also the priciest. Remember that purchasing more likes on TikTok won’t bring you to the finish line; it will just give you a boost to keep moving.

3. Take Part in Challenges

Finding popular music on TikTok requires more than simply listening to appealing songs; it also requires participating in the community and employing clever techniques to increase views. Participating in TikTok challenges is one efficient method to do this. By taking on these challenges, you can show off your ingenuity and add your distinctive touch to current trends.

By taking part in challenges, you may engage with the TikTok community while exposing your work to a larger audience. Engaging with those taking part in the same challenge as you can result in partnerships, shout-outs, and better profile exposure.

Additionally, challenges frequently have accompanying hashtags that can help increase the visibility of your videos. Use challenge-specific hashtags in your descriptions or comments to increase the likability of your content appearing in search results when users look for that particular challenge.

Putting your spin on a TikTok challenge is crucial to make your videos stand out. While adhering to the challenge’s main structure, adding originality, humour, or distinctive style might increase your material’s recall ability and shareability. Your uniqueness distinguishes you from other challenge participants and aids in creating your brand and personality on TikTok.

4. Select The Appropriate Hashtags For Your Videos

By using the appropriate hashtags, you can assist the algorithm in comprehending your content and linking it with viewers who might be interested. You may increase the likelihood that search engines will find your videos by carefully using hashtags.

Creating a TikTok hashtag strategy entails using popular themes and targeting a particular audience with unique hashtags related to your content. According to research, articles about trending subjects are more likely to appear on the coveted For You tab. Maintaining authenticity is crucial, as is matching the popular material with your brand’s personality.

Go to the Discover tab and choose Trends to view popular hashtags. As a startling 60% of TikTok users stated, companies that actively participate in or generate TikTok trends prefer to use hashtag potential to increase their brand’s reach and engagement.

5. Grasp Audience Interest in the First Few Seconds

If you’ve ever noticed, most popular TikTok videos capture the most essential part of their material in the first five seconds. This is because of the concise attention spans on TikTok. Within the initial few seconds of your video, you must capture the audience’s interest; otherwise, it will merely be rolled.

To encourage viewers to keep watching, start your film with an engaging hook or aesthetically arresting scene. The more captivating your start, the more likely viewers will watch the entire video.

6. Partner Up with Other TikTok Creators

Collaboration with other creators is a fantastic way to grow your viewership and audience. Find other creators who share your interests and suggest working together. You may reach more people by engaging with their fans through duets, response videos, and collaborative challenges.

7. Boost Your Profile

Your virtual identity exists on your TikTok profile. To leave a good first impression, optimise it. Include connections to your other social media accounts or website, a captivating bio, and a profile picture that grabs people’s attention. Remember to pin your most popular TikTok videos to the top of your channel. Users are likelier to investigate your stuff and follow you if your profile is well-written.


It takes a mix of originality, forethought, and knowledge of the platform’s mechanics to increase views on TikTok. You may raise your exposure, interaction, and view count by using these 7 efficient tactics. To get the most out of your TikTok experience, experiment, maintain consistency, and adapt to changing trends.