Accessing Apple TV+ with Xfinity – A User’s Guide

Just like the rest of the world, the entertainment sector is undergoing rapid change. Over-the-top (OTT) systems like Netflix and Apple TV+ are gaining significant traction among modern users as cord-cutting grows in popularity.

Due to the increased demand, most U.S. TV providers now offer access to such platforms as part of a paid subscription. Are you wondering if Xfinity TV packages include Apple TV+?

Here, we’ll go over the steps you need to take to stream Apple TV+ on your Xfinity X1 or Flex. It’s simple to install and provides a one-of-a-kind entertainment experience catered to your own preferences.

What Sets Apple TV+ Apart From the Apple TV App?

The Apple TV App and Apple TV+ are two separate services, despite their frequent use as synonyms. We’ll try to clear up some of the confusion that exists between the two concepts.

Apple TV+ is only one of several streaming services that can be accessed using the Apple TV App. This is especially useful given that Apple TV+ does not include its own dedicated app. Use your preferred streaming provider to make any screen look like a TV. The list of supported services includes the likes of Hulu, HBO GO, and Amazon Prime Video.

In addition, the Apple TV app allows you to subscribe to individual channels with a single click. Many channels are available, such as Starz, SHOWTIME, and AMC+. Any Apple TV-compatible device can be used to access your favorite shows and movies whenever you want.

As opposed to Netflix, Apple TV+ is merely a streaming platform accessible through the Apple TV app. It has a huge selection of books, including some of the best books ever written by Apple. Movies are available for purchase or rental on Apple TV+.

You also get a healthy dose of sports, thanks to the network’s monopoly on the Major League Soccer season and Friday Night Baseball. You can use this streaming service without any problems if you have an Apple TV App and an Apple TV+ membership.

Setting up the Apple TV+ App on your X1 or Flex

Xfinity X1 and Xfinity Flex customers can now access the Apple TV+ app.

Apple Originals, including award-winning programs, captivating dramas, innovative documentaries, kids’ entertainment, comedies, and more, are available exclusively on Apple TV+, a streaming service that is updated monthly with new Apple Originals.

If you have an X1 or Flex, here is how you can use the Apple TV+ app:

  • An X1 TV Box that is compatible with your TV service or an Xfinity Flex streaming TV Box. TV streaming is not available on the RNG150, Pace, and Arris XG1v1, Samsung XG2v2, the Pace Xi3 X1, or the Pace Xi5 Flex.
  • Any tier of Xfinity Internet service.
  • Apple TV+ with a paid subscription. Apple TV+ can be purchased separately for $6.99 per month, or as part of the Apple One bundle starting at $16.95 per month for the individual plan, $22.95 per month for the family plan, and $34.99 per month for the Premier plan.
  • Apple TV+ is the only place to watch Major League Soccer (MLS).

Parental Control Options

An app lock can be used to restrict access to the Apple TV+ app. Since Apple TV+ is rated TV-MA, it will likewise be inaccessible without a Parental Control PIN if the TV-MA rating is locked in X1 Settings > Parental Controls > TV Rating Locks.

You can also adjust the safety settings for children on Apple TV+. When the Apple TV+ app is available, the X1 and Flex parental controls will no longer prevent inappropriate searches or playing.

Does the X1 Set-Top Box Support Apple TV+?

This app is not supported on the following TV set-top boxes: RNG150, Pace Xi3, Samsung XG2v2, Arris, and Pace XG1v1 X1. If you have one of these, you may swap it out on X1 by selecting the Apple TV+ app tile and then following the on-screen instructions.

The app’s content requires an Apple TV+ subscription, which is sold separately.

Is Xfinity’s Apple TV+ Worth the Upgrade?

Not only can you watch any of the many amazing titles available on Apple TV+ with Xfinity, but you can also explore to your heart’s pleasure. Apple TV+ has a wide variety of premium content including original films, TV episodes, documentaries, and more.

Whether you’re at home or on the go, the Xfinity TV app for Apple TV has you covered. Alternatively, you can stream it to a device like the Xfinity Flex and watch it in stunning 4K resolution from anywhere in your home.

Keep in mind that while Apple TV+ on Xfinity is essentially a streaming service, it will count toward your monthly Xfinity data allotment. You can increase your Xfinity package to get unlimited streaming data.

All in All

Choosing the right TV app is crucial. Since your satisfaction is the only thing that matters, you shouldn’t settle for less than the best in terms of amusement. Apple TV is one option that advertises itself as a “complete entertainment system.”