Acne Foam Wash & Some of the Strange Reasons Spots Occur

If you’re someone who uses acne foam wash on a regular basis, then you’ll likely already understand why it is that it’s such a popular product around the world. However, in this blog, we look at quite an interesting subject – the oddest reasons why acne forms on the skin.

Sure, there are the usual reasons i.e. the build of bacteria and the clogging of pores, but it’s the ways that these conditions occur that we examine now. So join us now as we take a sideways look at some of the strangest reasons why breakouts occur – and there are some odd ones out there!

Strangest Reasons Why Acne Foam Wash Is Needed

There are some obvious reasons why pimples appear on your skin, and then there are some bizarre causes to report. So, let’s look at a few reasons why acne foam wash is needed now. 

#1 – Using the Wrong Sunscreen

The first off-the-wall reason for pimples appearing is sunscreen. Now, that’s not the first thing you would think of in relation to breakouts, but it does happen surprisingly often. You see, while sunscreen is supposed to help the skin, some are too gloopy for acne-prone skin to handle. 

As such, they can end up clogging even more pores than normal – meaning you’ll have more to worry about than staying safe from the effects of sun exposure. 

#2 – Too Many Refined Carbs Can Cause a Problem

When you eat too many refined carbs – cakes, pasta, bread etc – it can also lead to breakouts appearing. According to the latest advice from the experts, foods like these, which are high on the glycemic index, can have a big impact on the sugar levels in your blood. 

Furthermore, dairy is also believed to be linked to acne due to the effect it has on insulin, so if you like to drink lots of full-fat milk, it can be a problem.

#3 – Too Much Stress Can Be An Issue

Have you ever noticed that when you’re having a bad day, your skin has a habit of throwing pimples at you as a reminder of the fact? Well, that doesn’t happen by accident, as when you have life problems, it causes stress, which leads to a hormone known as cortisol being produced.

These hormonal changes, coupled with increased levels of neuropeptides, can cause inflammatory issues, and while it’s not usually the sole cause – it doesn’t help things. 

#4 – Using Your  Smartphone Too Much

We did say that there were some weird reasons that can lead to acne, and this one definitely falls into that category. While there are lots of reasons people say that you shouldn’t spend on your phone, most don’t immediately think of pimples being one of them.

However, it’s logical when you think about it because it spends a lot of time pressed up against your face when on a call. That means you end up transferring dirt and bacteria from other parts of your face and the outside environment – which naturally leads to breakouts

Watch Out For Those Odd Reasons Why Acne Foam Wash Is Needed

Needless to say, there are many other reasons why spots occur, but those we’ve shown you illustrate that the causes aren’t always where you think they are. As such, if you’re ever getting spots and you can’t work out why, it pays to think outside the box.