Reading Asian football odds is as simple as weaving a basket, super easy to remember

How to read Asian football odds is probably no longer strange to experienced bettors. However, reading the standard odds is not a simple matter. Therefore, Link Hi88 will introduce to you everything about this type of Asian handicap in the following article.

Introduction to how to read Asian football odds

In soccer select, there will be many types of bets for players to choose from. In addition to European odds and Over/Under, many people are interested in reading Asian soccer odds. This is also the most popular genre in Asian countries by name.

In addition to this popular name, there is another name that often appears in game portals: Handicap odds. When playing this type of bet, you need to refer to the performance of the two teams.

Players can rely on many factors to bet such as predicting yellow cards, red cards, and corner kicks. Therefore, this type of soccer bet has become popular in prestigious playgrounds like Hi88.

Instructions for newbies on how to fully read Asian football odds (Handicap)

Unlike European bets that only have win – lose – draw, Asian bets are divided into many types. The most accurate ways to read Asian football odds are summarized below.

How to read Asian football odds in ball form

The ball is also known as a 0 – 0 handicap bet. This format is often applied in matches where both sides have equal performance. Therefore, no team needs to handicap any other team. With a ball match, one of the following results will appear:

  • If you bet on the favorite team and this team wins, you will receive the full bonus.
  • If you bet on the upper team and this side loses, you will lose all your money.
  • In case the two sides compete with the same score, the house will refund your money.

Handicap 1/4 goal – half the ball

The half-ball odds are denoted as 0.25 and apply in matches with a slight difference between the two sides. There are also 3 cases that will appear if you choose to play this way:

  • You will win when you choose the favorite team and the handicap team scores 1 goal.
  • If you choose the upper team and the lower team wins, you lose.
  • In case both teams tie, the person who bets on the upper bet loses half the money, and the person who bets on the lower bet loses half the money.

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1/2 goal handicap – half goal handicap

Similar to the case of half-ball, the half-left handicap applies to matches with performance differences. There are not many situations that occur when select on half-left handicap, so in general this is a green-nine bet. In particular, this type of bet will be read as follows:

  • The player who chooses the upper bet wins when the handicap team wins by a difference of 1 goal or more.
  • The player who chooses the underdog wins if the handicap team loses or draws with the underdog.

How to read Asian football odds 3/4

This is a type of bet where the upper team handicaps the lower team by 3/4. Normally, the handicap ratio will be determined by the house based on the overall assessment of the 2 teams. The way to determine winning or losing in this type of select is as follows:

  • Players who place money to choose the favorite team to win will receive a prize if the favorite team wins by 2 goals or more.
  • The player who chooses to place the under bet will win if the over bet team loses or draws.
  • In case the favorite team you bet on wins by 1 goal, you win half your money. On the contrary, the person who bets under will lose half of the bet.


Handicap 1 helps balance the large difference between the two teams participating in the competition. In which the stronger team will accept the weaker team by 1 goal. Therefore, the favorite team must win with a difference of at least 2 goals to win this bet.

In case the team above wins by exactly 1 goal, whichever bet you enter will receive a refund of your bet.

If the underdog team draws or wins, you will receive a prize if you choose this bet. If you bet on the upper bet, you will lose.

Quick sharing on how to play Asian handicap effectively

There are many select tips shared by experts, however, basically you need to understand the following information before you should participate in this select bet.

  • Consider the recent confrontation history of the two teams.
  • Be careful not to bet early with this format. The right time is when the match is about to start. If the odds do not change, you can bet.
  • If the handicap team is the away team, you should bet on this favorite team.
  • If the underdog team scores first, you choose the underdog team.
  • If the favorite team is having difficulty, you can consider whether to change the handicap.


Above are extremely detailed ways to read Asian football odds for new Hi88 players. Hopefully with the above information you can understand how to play this game. Choose your favorite football match and try this type of bet right away.